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Pond Construction Topics

Cost of Pond Installation

Cost of Building a Koi Pond

Learn more about the cost of koi pond construction and get free quotes from local pond builders.

Cost of Digging a Pond

How much does it cost to dig a pond? Learn more about the factors that impact the cost of pond excavation.

Cost of Pond Cleaning

Pond Cleaning Costs

How much does pond cleaning cost? Learn more about hiring a pond service and the factors that impact the cost, including your geographic location and the size of the pond.

Pond Installation Topics

Filtering Through Pond Filtration

How to keep your pond water clear & healthy for your fish & plants

Pond Cleaning Topics

The Key To Clean Pond Water

Learn what is required for basic care of a pond or water garden and be able to have clean, clear water.

Water Garden Installation

Winterizing A Pondless Waterfall

Instructions on putting a pondless water feature to bed for the winter months

Winterizing Your Water Garden Or Pond

Helpful tips on putting your pond to bed for the winter in cold climates

Hiring Guides - Pond Installation

40 Questions to Ask Your Koi Pond Contractor

Learn more about the koi pond construction process with a list of questions to ask your koi pond builder. For example, you'll want to make sure the contractor is experienced, licensed, and properly insured.

Pond Installation Design

6 Tips for Designing the Perfect Koi Pond

Learn some helpful tips for planning and designing the perfect koi pond.

Pond Installation - Questions & Answers

Are herons considered a koi predator?

Top answer: Yes

Are household pets such as cats and dogs considered koi predators?

Top answer: Yes

Do I need a permit to build a koi pond (approx. 3-4 feet deep)?

Top answer: Always

How many large-sized koi (12-18 inches long) can safely fit in a 1000-gallon koi pond?

Top answer: 5-7 large koi

How many medium-sized koi (6-12 inches long) can safely fit in a 1000-gallon koi pond?

Top answer: 6-8 koi fish

How Much Does It Cost to Put in a Koi Pond?

Overcrowding can negatively affect the health of a koi pond.

Top answer: True

What is a Retention Pond?

What is a Stock Pond?

What is the minimum size koi pond you would recommend building?

Top answer: 250 gallons

Would you recommend building a pond with a flat bottom?

Top answer: Yes

Would you recommend hiring a Certified Aquascape Contractor (CAC) to build a pond?

Top answer: Somewhat important

Would you recommend installing a bottom drain in a koi pond?

Top answer: Yes

Pond Cleaning - Questions & Answers

True or False: It is more difficult to regulate the temperature of a shallow koi pond.

Top answer: True

What is the average lifespan of koi fish in a well-maintained, filtered pond?

Top answer: 25+ years

Which of the following represents the best guidelines for stocking a koi pond based on the surface area of the pond?

Top answer: 25 inches of koi per 10 square feet

Are raccoons considered a koi predator?

Top answer: Yes

Goldfish produce less waste than koi fish.

Top answer: Not sure

How frequently should all of the water in my koi pond re-circulate?

Top answer: Every hour

How frequently should I test the water quality of my koi pond?

Top answer: Monthly

How many inches of koi fish can a 500-gallon koi pond safely hold?

Top answer: 40-50 inches

How many large-size koi (12-18 inches long) can fit in a 1000-gallon pond?

Top answer: 4-5 koi fish

How many total inches of koi fish can safely fit in a 1,000 gallon koi pond?

Top answer: 80-100 inches

How Much Does Pond Cleaning Cost?

How Much Does Pond Maintenance Cost?

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