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40 Questions to Ask Your Koi Pond Contractor

1. How long do you expect the project to take?

2. Can you supply any references from past customers?

3. How long have you been building koi ponds?

4. Are you licensed, bonded, and insured?

5. Do I need a permit to build a koi pond?

6. Do building codes require the pond to be fenced in?

7. How much will the project cost?

8. Do you offer any sort of warranty?

9. Will building a koi pond add value to my home?

10. What size pond do you recommend?

11. How many inches of fish will fit in this pond?

12. Where will the pond be located?

13. Do you recommend building a liner pond or a concrete pond?

14. Should I consider adding any aquatic plants?

15. Will the koi have enough direct sunlight?

16. Will the koi have enough shade?

17. Will the koi have enough oxygen?

18. Will the pond be at least 3-4 feet deep?

19. Will the koi be adequately protected from predators like birds, raccoons, and other critters?

20. What type of maintenance does the pond require?

21. Can I do most of the the maintenance myself or will I need professional help?

22. Is the pond shape "self-cleaning"?

23. When should I feed the fish?

24. How much should I feed the koi?

25. How frequently will the water in the pond re-circulate?

26. Does the pond need to have waterfall?

27. Will the pond have a bottom drain?

28. Where will the bottom drain be located?

29. What type of filtration system do you recommend?

30. What size pump do you recommend?

31. Is the pump designed to run 24 hours a day?

32. What is the life expectancy of the pump?

33. Can you give me an idea of how the pond will affect my utility bills?

34. Do I need to install a pond heater or de-icer to protect my fish during the colder winter months?

35. Will the pond have straight sides and a sloped bottom?

36. Should I consider adding a skimmer?

37. Should I consider adding a UV sanitizer?

38. Would you recommend adding jets to the pond?

39. Can you help me stock the pond?

40. What type of koi would you recommend for my pond?

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