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Cost of Digging a Pond

Pond Excavation Cost Factors

The cost of digging a pond can vary greatly, depending on where you live and the type of pond you want. Use the information below to get a better understanding of how much it will cost to dig out your pond.

1. Soil testing. Before embarking on your project, you should take the time to determine if the area is suitable for a pond. It is important for the soil to have some clay in its composition. Gravel, sandy soil, silt, and other permeable materials make pond construction much more difficult (if not, impossible).

2. Pulling permits. In many areas, you will need to get a permit in order to dig a pond. Regulations vary by jurisdiction. If you belong to homeowner’s association, you may also need to comply with HOA rules about pond construction. In either case, the cost of securing a permit should be included in the contractor’s price quote. It can take weeks (even months) to get the proper approvals so make sure you plan accordingly.

3. Your geographic location. Where you live often impact the cost of your project. Prices for materials and labor tend to be higher in large metro areas, like Los Angeles or Washington, D.C, than they would be in a small, rural town. Also, if you live outside of the pond contractor’s normal service area, you should expect to pay a travel and/or fuel surcharge.

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4. Land clearing. Before the contractor begins moving dirt, the work site will need to be cleared of bushes, trees, stumps, and other plants. Tree and stump removal will come at an additional cost.

5. Pond size. How large will the pond be? How much dirt needs to be moved? When thinking about how large you want the pond to be, you have to consider the desired 1) length, 2) width, and 3) depth of the pond. Many contractors will charge a fixed fee per cubic yard of material moved for pond excavation. The size of the pond will determine the type of equipment needed for the project. As a result, smaller ponds are not always cheaper than larger ones.

6. Hauling dirt and debris. Where will the dirt be moved? The further away the dirt needs to be hauled, the more expensive the project will be. Moving the excavated dirt to another location on your property is the most affordable option. If you don’t have a use for it, you can offer it to neighbors and friends for free. However, if the dirt needs to be hauled away by the truckload, this will increase to the cost of digging the pond significantly.

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7. Sealing and lining the pond. In order to prevent leaks, your pond will need to sealed. Clay soils can be thoroughly compacted to create a tight seal. However, not everyone has an abundance of clay soil in their backyard to prevent seepage. If this is the case, you can have clay brought to the job site by the truckload. In other cases, the contractor may recommend the installation of a synthetic pond liner (rubber, vinyl, etc). Either option will add to the total cost of excavating the pond.

8. Digging a well. In many cases, the pond can be filled through natural sources. However, if you need to dig a well to supply water to the pond, this will make your project much more expensive.

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