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Cost of Pond Maintenance & Cleaning

The average cost of cleaning a 1,000 gallon pond is about $166 per visit. However, the cost of having your pond cleaned will depend on a number of things, including:
  • Where you live

  • Size of your pond

  • How long it's been since the last cleaning

  • Type of pond (i.e. koi pond, retention pond)
These are just a few of the factors that may impact the cost. Use the list below to learn more about the process of hiring a pond cleaning service.

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1. Your geographic location. Where do you live? Keep in mind that prices tend to be higher in large metro areas like New York and San Francisco. Costs tend to come down a little in smaller towns and more rural areas. However, if you live outside of the pond cleaning company’s normal service area, a travel surcharge may be tacked on to the cost of the visit.

2. Basic assessment. Each pond cleaning visit should begin with a basic evaluation of the pond. The pond cleaner should check for leaks, ensure the equipment (pumps, filters, etc.) is working properly, and test the quality of the water. During this initial consultation, the pond cleaner will be able to give you a better idea of what to expect from the rest of the visit.

3. Current condition of the pond. How long has it been since the pond has been cleaned? Does the entire pond need to be drained? How much sludge has accumulated at the bottom? If the pond has been poorly maintained or fallen into disrepair, you should expect to pay more for cleaning. Also, the use of any special chemical treatments will increase the cost of having your pond professionally cleaned.

4. Pond size. What type of pond do you have? The size and depth of the pond will impact the cost of cleaning. Cleaning a small goldfish pond will be less expensive than cleaning a 10-acre swimming pond.

5. One visit vs. Multiple visits. Many pond cleaning services offer seasonal maintenance plans. You can schedule weekly or even monthly cleanings, so you don’t have to worry about doing any of the work yourself. The service may also get the pond ready for spring and close it up or “winterize” before the first freeze. Signing a contract for the season may actually help you save a few dollars, so make sure to ask your contractor about all the available options.

6. Repairs and Replacements. Any pond repairs will come at an additional cost. Liner replacement or filter replacement is also not typically included the cost of a standard cleaning visit.

7. Emergencies and unexpected problems. Emergency calls and after-hours visits are going to be more expensive. Any time that the pond cleaner comes to your home or business outside of normal business hours, you should be prepared to pay a little extra. However, if the health of your fish is in jeopardy, you’ll be happy you made the call.

8. Compare multiple quotes. ProMatcher can help you find a pond cleaning service near you. Request multiple estimates from local professionals to make sure you're getting the best possible deal.

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